Aluminum ceilings

Pre-painted aluminum ceiling is non-combustible, and can be easily to fix.
Suitable for:
Engineering ceiling or decoration materials, such as hospital, bank, kitchen ceiling, corridor

ceiling and so on.

Aluminum composite panel

Genify aluminum composite panel has high impact resistance, good thermal, sound and electrical insulating property, excellent weather resistance, durability and fireproof performance.

Suitable for:

●Exterior curtain wall cladding

●Exterior reformation for old building

●Partition, balcony, furniture

●Faceplate, signboard, platform

●Interior decoration, ceiling, advertising boards

●Industrial plant, vehicle and boat materials

Prepainted Aluminum coils

Suitable for producing the following products:

●Home Appliance application

●Aluminum Composite Panel

●Aluminum Ceiling

●Roofing System

●Rolling Shutter

●Truck / Van body

●Can-end & Tab application