Zhongshan Genify Aluminum Co., Ltd.opened successfully

Zhongshan Yingjia Aluminum Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is located in Zhongshan, which is regarded as the hometown of Great Master Sun Zhongshan. Our company is one of the modern professional construction material production enterprises dedicated to the R&D, production and sale of painting and al-plastic composite materials. Our key products include aluminum composite panels, pre-painted aluminum coils and PVC laminated aluminum coils, which are named as our three product series.

Relying upon exquisite, solid, enthusiastic and sincere service, our company created "Jinyinghui" and "Shuntian" as two top-class brands, and a series of internationally famous products exceeding the national standard. Our products were certified by the ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System, and were approved by the National Construction Material Bureau. What's more, we successively obtained the title of the National Excellent Environmental-Protection Product, National Construction & Decoration Material Famous Brand and several relative awards, which makes us the major director organization for China Excellent Construction Material Industry Association.

Our company has the internationally leading Al-plastic composite panel production line, the painting surface plate which is only applicable for imported mirror aluminum. Our painting equipment is integrally imported to equip the automatic hi-rate precise rolling paint production line. With internationally approved South-Korean macromolecule membrane (with over ten-year history) and 9806 PE core layer plastic which is dedicated to D&R for aluminum plastic plate and the workmanship, our aluminum-plastic plate features super strong separation. Relying upon the precision of equipment and advancement and stability of workmanship, our annual throughput of Jinyinghui Aluminum plate reaches over 4,000,000sqm and quality coefficient became beyond index of imported plate. Our fire-resistant B plates also sell well and keep leading in this field all over the world now, making us became the most authoritative specialist in al-plastic plate industry.

Yingjia Company currently holds two sets of PLC double-membrane ceiling aluminum coil production lines which can match strap-separated equipment and produce 0.35-0.68mm thick aluminum double-membrane ceiling coils. Our products are diversified in specification, and about 100 kinds of colors are available. Our double-membrane materials mainly include South-Korean LG high-light membranes, which have elegant and natural color and sufficient for three dimension. Our products receive great popularity among customers, and their special flame retardent feature can assure users' safety.

Our Aluminum Coil is 0.03mm to 1.2mm thick and 1570mm wide, with a selection of high-class polyester paint and PVDF paint reaching the advanced standard in West Europe. Our Aluminum Rolling Painting Plate features stronger adhesion on the painted surface and fine and bright surface, which applies for PPG (the U.S.A) and Becker PVDF resin oil plate (in Sweden). Our Aluminum Rolling Painting Plate also features superior acid/alkaline resistance and superior climatic performance, which enables our products to keep new for long time. Our monthly throughput reaches over 1000 tons. We even provide forceful assurance for hi-effective and prompt delivery. Our products are always popular and applied in the same industries at home and abroad since the formal marketing. Our products became optimal material and confident assurance for setting up a famous brand among massive famous producers in the decoration material industry.

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