Wood Grain And Off-White Color Card
Wood Grain And Off-White Color Card


Genify pre-painted aluminum coil combines all advantages of modern coil-coating technology in our full-automatic production line.The aluminum substrate gets degreased, chemically pre-treated and coated in a single production step-resulting in a high quality uniform coating reproducible at any time and a material which has been developed for easy processing for a variety of applications.

Product Specification / Models:

SubstratesAluminum (AA1100, 1200,3003,  3105, 8011)
Width1220mm (Standard Size)
Custom madeNon-standard size is available according to requirement (<1800mm)
Coating SystemPolyester, PVDF, Epoxy, HDPE, etc.
Color and finishesSolid, Metallic, wooden, Anti-scratch, etc.


1.Exterior applications:wall cladding,facades,roof,shutter

2.sand canopies,tunnels,column covers or renovations.

2.Interior applications:Wall cladding,ceilings,bathrooms,kitchens and balconies.

3.Advertisement and ,market applications:Display platforms,signboards,facades,shop fronts

4.Transport and industry applications.